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Risiko Kurierfahrer – Danger: courier driver

Risiko Kurierfahrer – Danger: courier driver (2008 / ZDF / 15 Min.)

Mostly it is white vans, jostling along the fast lane and disregarding every traffic rule. They are en-route on behalf of shipping and express companies. The drivers are speeding because they have to meet the dead-lines of their employers. Speed limits, traffic rules, and occupational safety are considered to be irritating brake pads. The trade is consciously exploiting a grey area with the vans. Because they count as passenger cars they, for instance, don’t need trip ‘log books’. Our film team followed a speed merchant over 600 kilometres - from a safe distance - and documented his breakneck journey. And we met former drivers, who had backed out, because they didn’t want to take part in the speed frenzy across Europe.